mOZ Box is a news site dedicated to all things related to the new Mobile Ounces. We are not endorsed by the coin but love the thought of a truly global economy.

MOZ COIN is the first of its kind cryptocurrency built by a credit card processing platform…connected to a multi-credit card platform processing system and will be equipped to process both credit cards and cryptocurrency bridging the gap between traditional processing and cryptocurrency. MOZ COIN will also be the first asset-backed coin based in the Cayman Islands this new service coin will provide strength, speed and availability globally leveraging the mOZ Vault as its exchange platform backed by Mobile Ounces. (mOZ)

What is a Mobile Ounce?

Mobile Ounces are a digital cryptocurrency backed by Assets in the mOZ SAfe, and traded with-in the mOZ Vault.

What is a Mobile Ounce worth?

Mobile Ounces are a 1/32000 of a safe unit, which is what is held in the safe as assets like gold certificates, gold land deposits and other committed assets.

What is a MmOZ Cent?

mOZ Cents  are 1/100 of a mOZ

It will also the first to offer a percentage of our exchange fees to be donated to nonprofits around the world, focused on not only making digital crypto better for everybody but making the world a better place to live and the Internet safer and simpler.


MOZ BOX is more than a cryptocurrency wallet, it is the toolbox for all of your digital in online relationships providing tools in the toolbox to keep you safe, secure and keep your private information private.

Integrated into the toolbox will be in points, API, reference material for your online business as well as transaction tools created to support crypto currency as well as credit card processing for your brick and mortar business.

If you are looking for a decent realized currency solution MOZ box is the tool of choice for programmers, business owners, and private citizens.

MOZ BOX “Genesis Block”

Our genesis block will be launched early 2018 with a pre-sale ICO set for mid year, pre Funded by a group of successful business owners, dot com sell outs, geeks and investors!

MOZ Coin Exchange

The crypto currency exchange for MOZ coin is MOZ box designed and delivered to be a multi faceted online utility for e-commerce and banking integrating traditional credit card processing through our in-house processor which will also convert to miles queen and queen in the future.

MOZ BOX Coin Miner

mOZ Coin miner is best done with GPU or mining rig is designed for high # execution like ASIC mining rigs equiped with a mOZ Security key.

MOZ COINS are taken by many online businesses like incline media, cuurio, siimpler and more.

Crypto Currency for beginners

We recommend that you understand all the risk involved with a global economy and with just your own dollar and will provide educational tools that will allow you to make an unbiased opinion on whether or not Crypto currency is right for you.

Best Crypto Currencies to mine

We believe MOZ coin Is the best crypto currency to mine because it is the only one that is connected to a credit card processing company from inception and gives back to the nonprofit community in hopes to change the world for good… Putting their money where their mouth is and wanted to be a positive influence on the global landscape.

What crypto currencies pay the best?

MOZ COIN is endorsed by Esteemed Living, the 4 syndicate and other digital leaders and is a very solid player in the crypto currency environment however it pays the best if you want to support nonprofits and make the world a better place

What is the best coin to mine with my 1080ti

MOZ COIN is best mined with 1080 ti or higher.

What is the best coin to mine with my GPU rig?

What is the best crypto coin ?

If you are looking for a crypto currency that does more than just transact, it actually provides an impact on the globe then MOZ coin is for you!